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6 ways to stop Overthinking.

Most of the hardest problems in life are self-created. Either they result from our actions or don't exist outside our subconscious mind. Owning up to them is the start of personal development.  A hyperactive mind is like a monkey swinging from one branch to another. Controlling it will take a lot of time, commitment and organization.  I have faced this problem for years just like many of you, so I will share some tips that have worked for me, hoping you find something that suits you. Be Aware The foremost step is to realize when it happens. Sometimes we get so immersed in the train of thought that we cannot realize what we are doing.  Automated Negative Thoughts (ANTs) are the negative thoughts that activate in reaction to a situation. So be aware of when ANTs crawl up. Also, note how you feel during that rush of thoughts. Do you feel irritated, guilty, regretful or nervous? Having self-awareness is key to changing your mindset. Distract Yourself Divert your mind towa

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